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PixelAnalysis Constructor (imagesToStudy, colourQuantizationQuality)
NamespacesGifComponentsPixelAnalysisPixelAnalysis(Collection<(Of <(Image>)>), Int32)
Declaration Syntax
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public PixelAnalysis(
	Collection<Image> imagesToStudy,
	int colourQuantizationQuality
Public Sub New ( _
	imagesToStudy As Collection(Of Image), _
	colourQuantizationQuality As Integer _
	Collection<Image^>^ imagesToStudy, 
	int colourQuantizationQuality
imagesToStudy (Collection<(Of <(Image>)>))
The images for which to analyse the pixels.
colourQuantizationQuality (Int32)
Sets quality of color quantization (conversion of images to the maximum 256 colors allowed by the GIF specification). Lower values (minimum = 1) produce better colors, but slow processing significantly. 10 is the default, and produces good color mapping at reasonable speeds. Values greater than 20 do not yield significant improvements in speed. Defaults to 1 if not greater than zero.

Assembly: GifComponents (Module: GifComponents) Version: 0.1.3594.26453