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LzwEncoder Class
GIFCOMPR.C - GIF Image compression routines Lempel-Ziv compression based on 'compress'. GIF modifications by David Rowley (mgardi@watdcsu.waterloo.edu) Adapted from Jef Poskanzer's Java port by way of J. M. G. Elliott. K Weiner 12/00 GIF Image compression - modified 'compress' Based on: compress.c - File compression ala IEEE Computer, June 1984. By Authors: Spencer W. Thomas (decvax!harpo!utah-cs!utah-gr!thomas) Jim McKie (decvax!mcvax!jim) Steve Davies (decvax!vax135!petsd!peora!srd) Ken Turkowski (decvax!decwrl!turtlevax!ken) James A. Woods (decvax!ihnp4!ames!jaw) Joe Orost (decvax!vax135!petsd!joe) Algorithm: use open addressing double hashing (no chaining) on the prefix code / next character combination. We do a variant of Knuth's algorithm D (vol. 3, sec. 6.4) along with G. Knott's relatively-prime secondary probe. Here, the modular division first probe is gives way to a faster exclusive-or manipulation. Also do block compression with an adaptive reset, whereby the code table is cleared when the compression ratio decreases, but after the table fills. The variable-length output codes are re-sized at this point, and a special CLEAR code is generated for the decompressor. Late addition: construct the table according to file size for noticeable speed improvement on small files. Please direct questions about this implementation to ames!jaw. Inputs: code: A n_bits-bit integer. If == -1, then EOF. This assumes that n_bits =< wordsize - 1. Outputs: Outputs code to the file. Assumptions: Chars are 8 bits long. Algorithm: Maintain a BITS character long buffer (so that 8 codes will fit in it exactly). Use the VAX insv instruction to insert each code in turn. When the buffer fills up empty it and start over. Modified by Simon Bridewell, June-August 2009: Downloaded from http://www.thinkedge.com/blogengine/post/2008/02/20/Animated-GIF-Encoder-for-NET-Update.aspx http://www.thinkedge.com/BlogEngine/file.axd?file=NGif_src2.zip * Corrected FxCop code analysis errors. * Documentation comments converted to .net XML comments. * Updated to use .net 2.0 generics - use List instead of byte[] TODO: maybe this belongs in TableBasedImageData?
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public class LzwEncoder
Public Class LzwEncoder
public ref class LzwEncoder
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Encodes the data and writes it to the supplied output stream.

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Assembly: GifComponents (Module: GifComponents) Version: 0.1.3594.26453