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GifFrame Constructor (indexedPixels, activeColourTable, imageDescriptor, extension, backgroundColour, logicalScreenDescriptor, previousFrame, previousFrameBut1)
NamespacesGifComponentsGifFrameGifFrame(TableBasedImageData, ColourTable, ImageDescriptor, GraphicControlExtension, Color, LogicalScreenDescriptor, GifFrame, GifFrame)
Declaration Syntax
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public GifFrame(
	TableBasedImageData indexedPixels,
	ColourTable activeColourTable,
	ImageDescriptor imageDescriptor,
	GraphicControlExtension extension,
	Color backgroundColour,
	LogicalScreenDescriptor logicalScreenDescriptor,
	GifFrame previousFrame,
	GifFrame previousFrameBut1
Public Sub New ( _
	indexedPixels As TableBasedImageData, _
	activeColourTable As ColourTable, _
	imageDescriptor As ImageDescriptor, _
	extension As GraphicControlExtension, _
	backgroundColour As Color, _
	logicalScreenDescriptor As LogicalScreenDescriptor, _
	previousFrame As GifFrame, _
	previousFrameBut1 As GifFrame _
	TableBasedImageData^ indexedPixels, 
	ColourTable^ activeColourTable, 
	ImageDescriptor^ imageDescriptor, 
	GraphicControlExtension^ extension, 
	Color backgroundColour, 
	LogicalScreenDescriptor^ logicalScreenDescriptor, 
	GifFrame^ previousFrame, 
	GifFrame^ previousFrameBut1
indexedPixels (TableBasedImageData)
TableBasedImageData for this frame.
activeColourTable (ColourTable)
The colour table for this frame - this could be a local colour table or the stream's global colour table.
imageDescriptor (ImageDescriptor)
The image descriptor for this frame.
extension (GraphicControlExtension)
The graphic control extension, if any, which precedes this image in the input stream.
backgroundColour (Color)
The background colour of this frame.
logicalScreenDescriptor (LogicalScreenDescriptor)
The logical screen descriptor for the GIF stream.
previousFrame (GifFrame)
The frame which precedes this one in the GIF stream, if present.
previousFrameBut1 (GifFrame)
The frame which precedes the frame before this one in the GIF stream, if present. TODO: make this an internal constructor? (breaks its unit test) TODO: alternatively write a separate internal GifFrameBuilder class to replace this constructor

Assembly: GifComponents (Module: GifComponents) Version: 0.1.3594.26453