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FromStream Method (inputStream, lsd, gct, gce, previousFrame, previousFrameBut1)
NamespacesGifComponentsGifFrameFromStream(Stream, LogicalScreenDescriptor, ColourTable, GraphicControlExtension, GifFrame, GifFrame)
Creates and returns a GifFrame by reading its data from the supplied input stream.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public static GifFrame FromStream(
	Stream inputStream,
	LogicalScreenDescriptor lsd,
	ColourTable gct,
	GraphicControlExtension gce,
	GifFrame previousFrame,
	GifFrame previousFrameBut1
Public Shared Function FromStream ( _
	inputStream As Stream, _
	lsd As LogicalScreenDescriptor, _
	gct As ColourTable, _
	gce As GraphicControlExtension, _
	previousFrame As GifFrame, _
	previousFrameBut1 As GifFrame _
) As GifFrame
static GifFrame^ FromStream(
	Stream^ inputStream, 
	LogicalScreenDescriptor^ lsd, 
	ColourTable^ gct, 
	GraphicControlExtension^ gce, 
	GifFrame^ previousFrame, 
	GifFrame^ previousFrameBut1
inputStream (Stream)
A stream containing the data which makes the GifStream, starting with the image descriptor for this frame.
lsd (LogicalScreenDescriptor)
The logical screen descriptor for the GIF stream.
gct (ColourTable)
The global colour table for the GIF stream.
gce (GraphicControlExtension)
The graphic control extension, if any, which precedes this image in the input stream.
previousFrame (GifFrame)
The frame which precedes this one in the GIF stream, if present.
previousFrameBut1 (GifFrame)
The frame which precedes the frame before this one in the GIF stream, if present.
Return Value
The GIF frame read from the input stream.

Assembly: GifComponents (Module: GifComponents) Version: 0.1.3594.26453