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NeuQuant Constructor (thePicture, len, sample)
NamespacesGifComponentsNeuQuantNeuQuant(Collection<(Of <(Byte>)>), Int32, Int32)
Constructor. Initialise network in range (0,0,0) to (255,255,255) and set parameters
Declaration Syntax
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public NeuQuant(
	Collection<byte> thePicture,
	int len,
	int sample
Public Sub New ( _
	thePicture As Collection(Of Byte), _
	len As Integer, _
	sample As Integer _
	Collection<unsigned char>^ thePicture, 
	int len, 
	int sample
thePicture (Collection<(Of <(Byte>)>))
A collection of byte colour intensities, in the order red, green, blue, representing the colours of each of the pixels in an image.
len (Int32)
TODO: len is used to populate _lengthsize - what is this used for?
sample (Int32)
Image quantization quality. // TODO: is this correct?

Assembly: GifComponents (Module: GifComponents) Version: 0.1.3594.26453